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German Tech Sector Increasingly Attractive for M&A and PE Investment

by Dr. Nikolaos Paschos, Dr. Susan Kempe-Müller, Pia Sösemann With virtual connectivity on the rise, the tech industry has seen an increase in dual- and tri-track M&A processes, as well as in private equity investments. 2020 was a year in which technology facilitated rapid changes in how people work and live. Despite fewer M&A megadeals … Continue Reading

Healthcare and Life Sciences Trends to Watch in 2021

by Dr. Henning Schneider, Christoph Engeler The healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) sector remained particularly active throughout 2020. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, deal activity was very strong in the first half of the year — with notable transactions including Asklepios’ US$1.3 billion takeover of listed Rhön Klinikum AG. The second half of the year saw … Continue Reading

Energy and Infrastructure in Germany Sustains Momentum Despite Challenges

By Dr. Tobias Larisch and Dr. Jana Dammann de Chapto The energy and infrastructure sectors continue to experience transformative changes at a high pace, a trend that Latham expects to sustain momentum for the foreseeable future. Energy Sector The global mega-trend of decarbonization had repercussions in Germany in 2020, most prominently displayed by the “Coal … Continue Reading

Are Changes in Store for US White Collar Enforcement?

By Alice Fisher and Prof. Dr. Thomas Grützner Recent developments include updated DOJ compliance guidance, a continued rise in FCPA proceedings and penalties, and new investigatory approaches in light of the pandemic. 2020 saw many important developments in US white collar enforcement, driven by Administration priorities, business trends and practices, and the realities of COVID-19. … Continue Reading

Collective Redress Set to Redefine Litigation Across Europe

by Dr. Christoph Baus, Tim Wybitul and Stefan Patzer Recent developments in the area of collective redress will redefine the litigation landscape in Germany and throughout Europe. Mass actions have been on the rise throughout Europe for some time. In 2020, the balance clearly tipped towards a more plaintiff-friendly environment. Most importantly, the EU passed … Continue Reading

How will StaRUG help German companies address the impact of COVID-19?

by Frank Grell and Dr. Nils Röver Looking back at the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit many companies hard and amplified disruptive trends in various sectors. In addition to other measures to address COVID-19 impact on businesses, Germany has made significant progress toward international best practices for restructuring: StaRUG — known as … Continue Reading

Strong 2021 Deal Pipeline For German M&A and Private Equity Market

von Burc Hesse, Dr. Tobias Larisch The German M&A/PE market was off to a good start in 2020, but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, unsettling the market and leaving many market participants to wonder whether we were going to face a situation comparable to the financial crisis in 2007, when there was a shutdown in … Continue Reading