by Joachim Grittmann

First districts in Bavaria impose curfews — further measures on the horizon.

On 18 March 2020, the District of Tirschenreuth issued a curfew for the town of Mitterteich based on the German Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz, IfSG). A similar measure has been adopted for at least two further municipalities. Meanwhile, the Bavarian state government has publicly considered imposing a curfew for the entire state of Bavaria if necessary. Other federal states (Bundesländer) may soon follow suit.

Since the adoption of a general order (Allgemeinverfügung) in this regard, the territory of the town of Mitterteich is subject to a curfew until 2 April 2020. This means people are generally forbidden to leave home without good reason. However, certain errands (i.e., to cover the needs of daily life) or journeys to and from the workplace remain permitted. Any further curfews are likely to have a similar objective.

Curfews do not just affect private individuals. Businesses will also need to take certain measures.