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Erste Urteile zum Recht auf Auskunft und Kopie nach Art. 15 DSGVO

Müssen Verantwortliche betroffenen Personen auf Anfrage umfangreiche Datensätze zur Verfügung stellen? Art. 15 Abs. 1 DSGVO gibt natürlichen Personen ein Auskunftsrecht über die Verarbeitung ihrer personenbezogenen Daten. Das für eine Datenverarbeitung verantwortliche Unternehmen muss betroffene Personen auf deren Antrag hin umfassend über die verarbeiteten Daten informieren. Dieses Auskunftsrecht betrifft beispielsweise die Zwecke und Empfänger sowie … Continue Reading

European Commission Adopts Adequacy Decision for Japan

The European Commission adopted its adequacy decision for Japan on 23 January 2019, opening the doors for personal data to flow freely between the two major global economies. By Fiona M. Maclean and Laura Holden The Adequacy Decision Following two years of dialogue between the European Union (EU) and Japan, the European Commission (EC) adopted … Continue Reading

5 Ways for Companies to Limit GDPR Penalties

EU data protection authorities are imposing increased penalties under the GDPR, with more proceedings forecast for 2019. By Tim Wybitul, Prof. Dr. Thomas Grützner, Dr. Wolf-Tassilo Böhm, and Dr. Isabelle Brams The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect since May 2018. Although the French data protection authority (CNIL) has imposed the highest … Continue Reading

Clinical Trials Under the GDPR: What Should Sponsors Consider?

Sponsors outside the European Union conducting clinical trials in the EU should consider current guidelines and the Breyer case to understand whether GDPR requirements will apply to them. By Gail Crawford and Frances Stocks Allen Many sponsors of clinical trials believe that companies based outside the EU who sponsor clinical trials conducted in the EU … Continue Reading

German GDPR Fine Proceedings Conclude Favourably for Defending Company

Germany’s first GDPR fine offers lesson for companies planning a data breach policy. By Tim Wybitul, Wolf-Tassilo Böhm, and Isabelle Brams In November 2018, Germany’s first fine under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was imposed — and it was much lower than many expected. The favourable outcome of the proceedings for the defending company … Continue Reading