von Burc Hesse, Dr. Tobias Larisch

The German M&A/PE market was off to a good start in 2020, but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, unsettling the market and leaving many market participants to wonder whether we were going to face a situation comparable to the financial crisis in 2007, when there was a shutdown in the capital markets and M&A dropped precipitously.

When business went largely virtual in 2020, so did M&A activities. While there was a significant slowdown in the second and third quarters in M&A/PE activities, no drop-off happened comparable to the one in 2007. According to Refinitiv’s Global Mergers & Acquisitions Report, in terms of deal value, there has even been an increase in announced M&A transactions with German involvement of 18% compared to 2019 (while the number of transactions was indeed lower than in 2019 due to the slowdown in the second and third quarters). The German M&A/PE market has hence proved to be resilient despite the challenges resulting from the pandemic, and private equity’s share in German M&A deals even increased compared to 2019.

von Dr. Tobias Larisch

COVID-19 hat in den vergangenen Wochen zu großer Unsicherheit auf dem M&A Markt geführt und der Frage, wann Transaktionen wieder im großen Umfang stattfinden werden. Die Akteure sind indes nicht untätig, sondern bereiten sich auf das Wiederaufleben des Transaktionsgeschehens vor. Private Equity Investoren nehmen hierbei vermehrt auch börsennotierte Gesellschaften als Transaktionsziele in den Blick.