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Legal Update – COVID-19: How Germany Is Addressing Short-Time Work in the COVID-19 Crisis

by Anne Kleffmann, Dr. Tobias Leder A new federal regulation provides initial guidance on the requirements for short-time work and receipt of short-time compensation. Key Points: The regulation outlines requirements for: The efficient introduction of short-time working Receiving short-time working compensation The duration and amount of the short-time working compensation On 13 March 2020, the German … Continue Reading

Legal Update – COVID-19: The four pillar protective governmental shield for Germany

German government introduces a series of measures to mitigate fallout for companies and their employees. by Rainer Wilke, Dr. Natalie Daghles, Dr. Tobias Leder, Joachim Grittmann, Dr. Ulrich Klockenbrink, Dr. Thomas Fox The German Federal Ministry of Finance and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy have announced a protective shield for employees and companies in Germany in … Continue Reading