by Dr. Nikolaos Paschos, Dr. Susan Kempe-Müller, Pia Sösemann

With virtual connectivity on the rise, the tech industry has seen an increase in dual- and tri-track M&A processes, as well as in private equity investments.

2020 was a year in which technology facilitated rapid changes in how people work and live. Despite fewer M&A megadeals and a lower volume overall, tech stood out as an increasingly active and competitive sector that is poised to see further growth in investment activity, particularly as companies look to upgrade their capabilities and offerings by harnessing technology. Several notable M&A transactional trends emerged in 2020, including a rise in dual-track and even tri-track processes. Growth equity also rose significantly as Europe’s startup scene further matured. Amid these developments, key IP and privacy questions have arisen for businesses in the digital sector to consider, including those surrounding artificial intelligence (AI).